Pre-orders for Christmas book and CD


It is now possible to pre-order both the Christmas book (with a bonus DVD) and the anniversary edition of the album through Peter’s official site. The album pre-orders will be autographed.

The site’s online store is managed through Bengans which means that orders can be shipped around the world.

Click here for more information.


3 responses to “Pre-orders for Christmas book and CD

  1. Just wanted to ask, I found only the new edition of the cd, not the book with dvd. can you please put the link to order the book? thank you very much, I appreciate your work very much!

  2. twistinthedark

    Unfortunately, it appears that the reference to ordering the book has disappeared from both the official site and the Bengans site. I am not sure why. Checking a bit further, I see that the official site recommends ordering the book through Adlibris, however this site is only for people living in Sweden.

    I will try to find out more about where people from outside of Sweden can buy the book.

  3. twistinthedark

    The book is back on the official site. It still doesn’t show on Bengans site so you need to go via the official shop:

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