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Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Peter’s Christmas album

Another anniversary, this time the 20th anniversary of Peter’s Christmas album “Jag kommer hem igen till jul”.

A special website has been set up to commemorate the anniversary of what has become a Swedish classic as well as a turning point in Peter’s career. The website can be found here:

On the site, there are stories, facts, images, videos to discover. It is all in Swedish but Google Translate will help if you don’t understand Swedish. Well worth checking out.

There is also a Christmas Advent Calendar on the site with four dates to check out.

The fourth date has already been revealed to be an online concert. Tickets can be purchased here.


10th Anniversary of I Love Musicals + New Song

Hard to believe that it’s been 10 years since the “I Love Musicals” album was released. To commemorate this milestone, a 10th Anniversary edition of the CD is being released in the UK on 25 November 2022. The CD will contain a bonus track recorded by Peter for this release. “Down to the Sea” is an English language version of “Ut mot ett hav” from “Kristina från Duvemåla”.

Click here to pre-order the CD.

“Down to the Sea” has been released on the usual digital platforms as a single and can be heard below.

Down to the Sea – Peter Jöback

Peter Jöback & Petra Marklund – Illusioner (Official Music Video)

Peter Jöback & Petra Marklund – Illusioner (Official Music Video)
Peter Jöback & Petra Marklund – Illusioner (Acoustic Version)