Peter’s autobiography released as audio book

Peter’s autobiography, “Att bära sig själv”, has also been released as an audio book, read by Peter himself. It is available from audio book streaming services in Sweden. If outside of Sweden, you will need to check to see if you can still access it. It is in Swedish of course.

On Facebook, Peter suggested the services Storytel, Nexstory and Bookbeat.


2 responses to “Peter’s autobiography released as audio book

  1. Laurie Ann Carroll

    How can I access this audio book in America?

  2. twistinthedark

    Hi. This is not an official site, just a fan site so I am not Peter. The audio book seems to be only available audio book sellers in Sweden. It looks like the following site will sell internationally. I have not used this site so I am not sure how it works. Be aware that the audio is in Swedish.

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