Peter’s summer tour 2022

Peter is touring Sweden in the summer of 2022. Dates and venues are listed in the photo above.

The board says “50 years on Earth, 40 years in the music business”.

Tickets are released this Friday at 10am, Swedish time at the following link:

Live Nation Sweden


2 responses to “Peter’s summer tour 2022

  1. I have been contacted by Peter but I did not sure it’s him I don’t know if his Facebook got hacked but my name is Lori Carol can somebody ask him if he contacted me because I feel like it’s not him it’s somebody else plus I do not know him

  2. twistinthedark

    Hi. I am not Peter but Peter has mentioned that there are fake accounts that try to contact people pretending to be him. He asks that you don’t follow any of these accounts or reply to them. Peter never contacts his followers privately outside of his public accounts.

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