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10th Anniversary of I Love Musicals + New Song

Hard to believe that it’s been 10 years since the “I Love Musicals” album was released. To commemorate this milestone, a 10th Anniversary edition of the CD is being released in the UK on 25 November 2022. The CD will contain a bonus track recorded by Peter for this release. “Down to the Sea” is an English language version of “Ut mot ett hav” from “Kristina från Duvemåla”.

Click here to pre-order the CD.

“Down to the Sea” has been released on the usual digital platforms as a single and can be heard below.

Down to the Sea – Peter Jöback

Peter Jöback & Petra Marklund – Illusioner (Official Music Video)

Peter Jöback & Petra Marklund – Illusioner (Official Music Video)
Peter Jöback & Petra Marklund – Illusioner (Acoustic Version)

New single – and an album update

Peter will release his new single on Friday 23 September 2022. The song is a duet with Swedish singer Petra Marklund, who has had international success under the moniker September. The song is called “Illusioner” and is in Swedish. The English translation of the title is “Illusions” and is written by Peter himself, Petra, Peter Kvint and Annika Norlin.

The song can be pre-saved/pre-added at the following link:

There is also a short video teaser filmed at Peter’s concert two weeks ago, when Petra joined Peter on stage for the debut of the song.

Peter is currently in the UK recording his new album at the legendary RAK Studios in London with producer Ed Harcourt. Naturally, Peter is very excited but does not know when it will be released yet. Peter has been posting updates on his social media so now may be a good time to follow him, if you don’t already. Scroll down for his official links on the right hand side of the page.

Watch “Peter Jöback – The River (Official Audio)” on YouTube

Peter has released a new single, “The River” on the usual digital platforms. It is written by Peter himself along with Pete Hammerton and Emma Rohan.

A very strong song, which, along with”Better Man”, bodes well for a new album.

Peter’s autobiography released as audio book

Peter’s autobiography, “Att bära sig själv”, has also been released as an audio book, read by Peter himself. It is available from audio book streaming services in Sweden. If outside of Sweden, you will need to check to see if you can still access it. It is in Swedish of course.

On Facebook, Peter suggested the services Storytel, Nexstory and Bookbeat.

Så Mycket Bättre – week 4

Week 4 – Einstein, Elvis & jag

Peter has chosen another big song for his final week on Så mycket bättre. “Einstein, Elvis & jag”, originally from Thomas Stenström.

Here is Thomas’ version of the song.

Thomas Stenström – Elvis,Einstein och jag

Maxida Märak radically reworked Peter’s Christmas song with new lyrics and even a rap. “Jag kommer hem igen till slut” means “I’m Coming Home Again in the End”. Very different.

Så Mycket Bättre – weeks 2 and 3

Week 2 – Slå mig fri (Breaking Free)
Week 3 – Sju vackra gossar (Seven Beautiful Guys)

In week 2, Peter performed a version of “Let Me In”, a song by Gustaf & Viktor Norén, with new Swedish lyrics by Elia Schagerström. Elia wrote the lyrics after conversations with Peter and were inspired by Peter’s half-brother Göran. A very powerful song and Peter owns it.

Week 3 saw Peter interpreting a fun song from Siw Malmkvist from 1959, “Sju vackra gossar” (Seven Beautiful Guys) in a big band style.

Both songs are available through the usual digital platforms, including Spotify.

If you are interested, here are the originals.

Gustaf & Viktor Norén – Let Me In live at Nyhetsmorgon
Siw Malmkvist – Sju vackra gossar

Week 2 saw two of Peter’s songs interpreted – Drömmare (a Swedish version of “Higher”) by Thomas Stenström amd “Stockholm i natt” by Cherrie. There were none of Peter’s songs interpreted in week 3.

Here are the versions. Both are also available digitally, including Spotify.

Så Mycket Bättre – the CD

A triple CD will be released in Sweden on 20 December 2021 featuring all 50 songs from this season’s Så Mycket Bättre.

Peter appears in the first 4 episodes of season 12 so there will be 4 songs featured on the CD.

Så Mycket Bättre kicks off and new song from Peter

The first episode of Så Mycker Bättre has kicked off this weekend on Sweden’s TV4. TV4 does have a catch-up service online but unfortunately most of the content is geoblocked.

The good news is that every week the artists release their songs on digital platforms. At the end of the series, the usual practice is for a CD to be released containing all the songs.

Anyway, Peter’s first song is an amazing rendition of Melissa Horn’s “Falla fritt”. It is on Spotify and YouTube (see above).

If you’re interested, here is the original music video of Melissa’s version from 2010.

In the same episode of Så Mycket Bättre, brothers Gustaf & Viktor Norén interpreted Peter’s “Guldet blev till sand”.

While we are on a YouTube roll, here is the trailer for Så Mycket Bättre.

Peter to publish his autobiography

Peter’s autobiography will be published on 10 November 2021, titled “Att bära sig själv”, which roughly translates to “Carrying Himself”.

The press release says that Peter will tell his whole story about he became one of Sweden’s greatest musical artists, despite the emotional baggage of family secrets, feeling of guilt and shame and his journey to insight and self-discovery. The book will also be a declaration of Peter’s love for a life of music.

As you can probably tell, the book will be in Swedish. Time to dust off my Swedish dictionary and brush up my rusty Swedish.