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“This Song Of Mine” – another new single (and another one next week)

To coincide with the Paris episode of Peter’s TV series “Med hjärtat som insats”, Peter has released another new single digitally, “This Song Of Mine”.

As one might guess, there is another single due next week for the third and final episode. This is from the Berlin episode and is called “Walls”. You can hear a 30 second clip of this one at Amazon UK’s website.


Peter sings “Masquerade”

SVTPlay has this clip of Peter performing “Masquerade” at the Birdland Jazz Club in New York. It is a bonus clip only available on the internet and not shown as part of the TV series.

“The Start of Something Grand” – a brand new single from Peter Jöback

Peter released a brand new single on iTunes this week and it’s in English. The song is called “The Start of Something Grand” and is written by Andreas Mattson. It is being released to coincide with Peter’s TV series “Med hjärtat som insats”.

In the first episode of the TV series, Peter has the opportunity to sing at the legendary jazz club Birdland in New York. The song he performs is “The Start of Something Grand”, which he only gets just before his performance.

A new Peter TV series – “Med hjärtat som insats”

Peter stars in a new three part TV series which sees him travelling to New York, Paris and Berlin, retracing the footsteps of his musical idols.

The series is called “Med hjärtat som insats” which translates roughly as “From the heart” or “With the heart as a guide”.

The first episode was broadcast this week on SVT on Wednesday. In this episode, Peter travels to New York and meets such people as Frank Sinatra’s granddaughter. He also chats and jams with some of Sinatra’s musicians. The episode is available on SVTPlay and can be watched up until 24 February 2012.

Click here to watch the episode.

Listen to concert online

The concert that was broadcast on New Year’s Eve is still available for listening on the Sverige Radio website. Usually broadcasts are available to be heard for about 30 days so it will probably disappear by the end of January.

Click here to listen.