Monthly Archives: July 2010

Sommarkväll med Anne Lundberg

On the weekend, Peter was the musical guest on the first episode of the chat show “Sommarkväll med Anne Lundberg”. He appeared at the end of the show and sang “Hollow” live.

You can watch the episode online here:

Peter performs at about the 54 minute mark.


Peter at Victoria Day Gala

Peter made an appearance at the Victoria Day gala, held each year to commemorate Crown Princess Victoria’s birthday on 14 July. Peter performed “I allt jag ser” from his “Det här är platsen” album, “En sång om oss” and “Absent Friends”.

SVT has the whole show for viewing on its website. “I allt jag ser” starts at about the 18 minute mark and”En sång om oss” at about the 47 minute mark. “Absent Friends” is around the 1 hour 20 minute mark.