Peter Jöback Debuts as the Phantom

Peter debuted in the title role of “Phantom of the Opera” on Monday night in London’s West End. The Swedish press have been giving Peter’s performance rave reviews:

“Phenomenal Jöback gives the whole musical a new life” – Expressen

“He has the voice and feels credible as the vengeful recluse. … In six months, Peter Jöback will be one of the tourist attractions in London.” – Aftonbladet

“It is a slightly different portrait that [Peter] gives us. … His still quite youthful look and voice gives us a more fragile and vulnerable Phantom, but also a more complex and unpredictable figure.” – Swedish Radio

Some long standing fans of “Phantom of the Opera” (often known as Phans) have been critical of the choice of Peter but this has been without actually seeing him in the role. After Monday’s premiere, one such phan who had doubts about Peter has written that Peter was brilliant. Peter’s acting was awesome and he added some new touches to the character.

This all bodes well for Peter during his run in the show. Well done, Peter.


One response to “Peter Jöback Debuts as the Phantom

  1. Helen Granlund

    Hei Peter !
    Jeg var og så Phantom of the Opera i London i går, og det var en stor, hyggelig overraskelse at det var DU som hadde hovedrollen! For en fantastisk oppsetning, og du var helt utrolig flink! Det var en stor opplevelse, og jeg var fanget, med tårer i øynene.
    Takk for en mektig opplevelse – du er storartet ! 🙂

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