Tracklisting for Livet, Kärleken och Döden

Peter’s record company have advised the tracklisting for Peter’s new album.

  1. Jag såg mig redan där (Je me vois deja)
  2. Jag har dig nu (new song)
  3. Vad gör en man till en man (Comme ils disent)
  4. Häromdan när jag var ung (Hier encore)
  5. Tiden (Le temps)
  6. De desperata (Les désespérés)
  7. Precis som vanligt (Comme d’habitude)
  8. Jackie (La chanson de Jacky)
  9. Sång för gamla älskande (La chanson des vieux amants)
  10. Släpp in mig (new song)
  11. Allt finns kvar (new song)
  12. Jag har levt (J’ai vecu)
  13. En förtvivlad vän (Voir un ami pleurer)

UPDATED – French titles added to listing.

The album has been produced by Pål Svenre and Peter himself.

Click here for the record company page about the album.


3 responses to “Tracklisting for Livet, Kärleken och Döden

  1. “Jag såg mig redan där ” could be charles aznavour’s song “je me voyais déja en haut de l’affiche” – “Tiden” could be avec le temps” from Leo Férré – “Sång för gamla älskande ” probably Jacques Brel “la chanson des vieux amants” – the others doesn’t evoque something for me…
    Marco from France

  2. twistinthedark

    Hi Marco.

    The French titles are now known – see above. Do you know these songs?


  3. “Voir un ami pleurer” and “La chanson des vieux amants” are two splendid (and very known in France) classic evergreen song of Jacques Brel, the lyrics are absolutely beautiful, real poetry about feelings, love between two old lovers – and another about friendship, and the pain to see a friend cry.
    “les désespérés” (about melancholia and love despair) and “La chanson Jacky” are also from Jacques Brel but they are not so known.
    There are 4 Charles Aznavour’s song, “Hier encore” a standard -,”je me voyais déja” is a very catchy song about an ambitious artist who wanted to be famous but doesn’t succeed, certainly the most well know song of Aznavour. “Comme ils disent” is a very specical song because is about an homosexual cabaret artist who tells his life, It’s one of the first serious song talking about this gay theme in France, and it had a critic success. “Jai vécu” is an old song, it’s about a man who is arriving in front of God and says he has plenty lived his life even he doesn’t bring something very good things to this world. It’s a curious choice, the lyrics are good but the melody is a little bit old fashion and not very fit to the lyrics.It will be interesting to see what is becoming on Peter’s album.The song is almost totally unknown in France.
    “temps” is maybe the song “avec le temps” but can’t be sure without knowing the author. If it is – this song is considered like the most prefered love songs of the french. It’s a poetic dark vision of a break up and how the time, little by little make disappear the pathetic pain and the suffering of lonelyness. I really hope Peter has chosen this song.

    Yuo can find easily the different songs on youtube and also the original french lyrics on different websites

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