Peter working on a new album – “La vie, l’amour, la mort”

Peter mentioned on his blog on the official site last week that he was in the studio working on a new project. More details have now been released.

It will be an album of French songs that have been specially translated into Swedish by Annika Norlen (aka Säkert) and Andreas Mattsson, and arranged by Hans Ek. There will also be some newly written songs included.

The album has the working title “La vie, l’amour, la mort” which is French for “Life, love, death”. It is expected to be out in September or October this year.


2 responses to “Peter working on a new album – “La vie, l’amour, la mort”

  1. Marco Paulo

    Wonderful news for a french fan 🙂
    I’m very impatient to discover what songs Peter have chosen.
    Not a suprise that Peter love french music as he has already recorded songs by Charles Aznavour and from the french musical “Notre dame de Paris”

  2. twistinthedark

    And Michel Legrand. I wonder if he’ll do Swedish versions of any of these songs like She.

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