Another new song

Peter has recorded another new song, this time for a special CD being released by Demensförbundet, Sweden’s Dementia Association. The CD is called “Ljusa ögonblick” (Bright moments) and features 12 artists performing newly recorded versions of classic Swedish songs. As well as Peter, the artists include Helen Sjöholm, Sarah Dawn Finer, Caroline af Ugglas, Tomas Ledin and Nanne Grönvall. Proceeds will go to the association to further their work in the field of dementia.

Peter has recorded a song called “Ha lite tro på mig” which is a little confusing since he has already recorded the song. It was a bonus track on his “Det här är platsen” album available only via the internet in 2004. It is a Swedish version of the “Have A LIttle Faith In Me”, the classic John Hiatt song.

Unfortunately, at this stage, the CD is only available through Demensförbundet’s website to people living in Sweden. However, it should be available via the usual sources later in the year. Check the website at:


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