Monthly Archives: September 2010

Peter signs with Razzia Records

Peter has signed to a new record company, Razzia records. Read the story here (in English):


Another performance of “Inte redo än”

Peter performed “Inte redo än” on Kulturnyheterna.

Peter performs new single

Here is the clip of Peter performing “Inte redo än” on this morning’s Nyhetsmorgon.

Later in the show, he performed “Guldet blev till sand”. Although he has no doubt sung it a million times before, Peter stll manages to make it sound fresh. An excellent version.

New single

Peter is about to release a new single called “Inte redo än” (Not ready yet). According to the official site, Peter will debut the song on Nyhetsmorgon Söndag on TV4 on 5 September 2010. The song was written by Mauro Scocco.

In an interview with a Norwegian news service, Peter confirmed that the single is being released to coincide with the tour and that it is a genuine Swedish autumn song. Peter also revealed that he is considering releasing a live album from the tour and that he will probably be recording a new album in the spring of next year.